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Delectable Popped Crisp Snacks

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    The 4700BC Corn Chips+ are a new snack range from the brand focused on providing consumers with a tasty way to satisfy their craving for a crunchy snack. The snack features triangle-shaped pieces that are blasted with seasoning, and come in a variety of flavors to choose from including Hawaiian Barbecue, Salt & Truffle, Cheese & Herbs and Sun-dried Tomato. The snack is popped instead of being fried or baked to give it a nutritional profile that is 60% lower in fat than traditional potato chips without compromising on flavor.

    Founder Chirag Gupta commented on the 4700BC Corn Chips+ saying, "Who doesn’t love chips, but let’s be real, they usually aren’t the healthiest option. But we were fortunate to have come across a new age method of solving this problem, and with months of experimentation brought together a product that we can now claim is the future of Chips – Corn Chips+…”


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